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After much delay and debate I have finally broken down and decided to get a bloggy, webby thingy online. This decision was brought about after the past few months of various half-started projects that really needed a home, and the occasional desire to share my unabridged thoughts, culminating with my wish to share my opinions and experiences with the unfortunate Dropbox debacle.

I’ll still be on Twitter being my normal snarky self, but for those times when I really need to do some ranting or raving in excess of 140 bytes, I’ll be posting those here.

So exactly what is this corner of the intertubes supposed to be? If you’re hoping it will be the next awesome digital forensics website, I’ll be surprised and you’ll probably be upset. Although I do plan to make digital forensics one of the topics I write about regularly, you should think of this spot as my mental junk-drawer.

That being said, thanks for reading and I hope to contribute something of interest to someone at some point.

About J-Michael Roberts

Computer guy. Digital forensics guy. Hacker. Slayer of spam. Barbeque pitmaster. Cake engineer. Expert at nothing. Opinions here are mine alone. Topics presented may be a joke, but probably aren't.
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