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Computer guy. Digital forensics guy. Hacker. Slayer of spam. Barbeque pitmaster. Cake engineer. Expert at nothing. Opinions here are mine alone. Topics presented may be a joke, but probably aren't.

Nigerian Cake Scams

In another interesting collision of Sweet Element‘s world and mine, Jen asked me one morning to take a look at a really weird set of emails she received from someone inquiring about a wedding cake. The first email that arrived … Continue reading

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Yes, Bloomberg Radio, we’re listening! We’re really, really listening!

I was sitting in the office one day doing my usual checking that everything was okay when I happened to look at the traffic on the firewall and saw the first half of this graph: We do quite a bit … Continue reading

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I don’t care if it’s encrypted, change the default password!

So your ISP was really nice and gave you *free* WiFi-enabled router with password-protected encryption and everything? Change the default password. Change it now – because there is nothing safe or secure about it. The danger of leaving your wireless … Continue reading

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Insert awesome post title here.

After much delay and debate I have finally broken down and decided to get a bloggy, webby thingy online. This decision was brought about after the past few months of various half-started projects that really needed a home, and the … Continue reading

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